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Basic Winter Driving Tips

Basic Winter Driving Tips – Even experienced drivers can be thrown for a loop on icy snow covered roads, especially if snow is a rare occurrence where you live. Here are some basic strategies to keep you rolling along in the event of wintry driving conditions.


1.     Leave extra distance between you and the car in front. Icy, snow-covered roads require a few more seconds for stopping.


2.     Don’t be afraid to slow down. Slower speeds give you more control on slick, slippery roads.


3.     Maintain visibility. Be sure you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid and fresh wiper blades to clear the slush from your windows. 


4.     Turn your lights on when driving in snow so that other drivers will be sure to see you.


5.     For cars without anti-lock brakes: If you start skidding on the ice, try not to slam on your brakes, gently pump them instead.


6.     Back your car into the driveway, if possible. This will provide you with a clearer view when pulling out.


7.     Keep your gas tank at least half-full. Running out of gas in frigid weather is no fun, and can potentially be dangerous. Near-empty gas tanks can be susceptible to freezing.


Of course, common sense prevails in all driving circumstances, for your own safety and the safety of other drivers maintain awareness and use good judgment no matter the weather.